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The Student Windsurfing Association
The First SWA Ball was a massive success, thanks to all who came, got wet and didn't know port from starboard..

Despite every setback known to windsurf kind, this ball was going to take place! With their SWAnky new marquee (technically NOT a gazebo as it was observed that marquees have a higher build quality and walls..) the first arrivals jumped straight in the pool and set about turning it into a jacuzzi whilst conducting science experiments on the floating abilities of XXXX.

As more people arrived the BBQ was lit, the punch mixed and the funnel of doom (actually the funnel of rob's doom), created. Everyone changed into their evening-wear consisting of black ties, ball gowns, bikinis, boardies and a plethora of hawiaan flowers then the party began! The drinks continued to be downed for many hours including the ever popular 'skittle vodka' which consisted of... well just skittles in vodka really. Until we knew it was having an effect as some of us returned to the pool clothed..

The SWA awards ceremony was presented by Beaker who had really surpassed all expectations by obtaining copies of the covenanted video - 'Perfect partners'; top video advice on pairing up food and wine!  to give out as awards. (There are still some remaining copies for sale which can be viewed at AK4..)

  • Dappy award- Sarah Cotton for not knowing date/time of ball and creating swa committee meetings on wrong days then failing to turn up on those days..
  • Van obtaination awards - JP & Emily, Spleen & Mr Ben
  • Biggest board in the SWA - Bramah's tandem

The winners were then blessed in the name of the S, the W and the A and got to bob for onions in the punch. Bramah decided that a headstand in the bucket would be a better idea until the punch threw him out.

After everyone had demolished copious quantities of flesh cooked superbly by JP and drunk even more XXXX from the fridge that seemed to have no limit, we all retired into the apartment to save from entering into another law-suit involving neighbours, drunken windsurfers and skittle vodka..

The action continued inside with round of Roxanne, Colonel Bibblybubs and some fast paced action on the stairs involving body boards and gravity once again working its magic. At this point we discovered that the neighbours weren't out as we had believed..

A 'how-many-raw-mushrooms-can-u-get-in-your-mouth' competition soon arose follwed by a food fight in the kitchen involving oil, eggs, bins, fire blankets and SWA's director and treasurer (I needn't mention names!) meant that suddenly our ball which had been a civilised affair had just become a classic SWA party... The ground floor neighbours then become aware of the party as most of the kitchen contents went flying past their windows and into the garden.

With the dancing in the next door room becoming increasingly furtive, a mast was produced and practically raped by some grinding girls then a bit of limbo dancing later and the peligoni party cd was soon working it's magic in getting everyong up for a bop!

The house and gardens have since returned to normality, the inhabitants may never be the same but they will never forget the day bristol held the first SWA Ball!!

Check out the Photos to help you remember your night!

Our thanks to the unwitting sponsors: Nurafen and Threshers, Clifton.