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The Student Windsurfing Association

Exeter's Event Had Wind & Waves!! GET INVOLVED!!

On the 2nd-4th December Exeter University hosted their annual regional event at the spectacular venue of Bigbury Beach. I was proud to organise the first windy SWA event this year and the first windy Exeter event since 1984!

On Friday night everyone arrived (some later than others!) from around the country at the Mountain Water Experience activity centre near Kingsbridge. The place has a really warm and quiet atmosphere which was soon obliterated by lots of students calling for team bolts and discussing the hot off the press news concerning Keeno's metallic pride and joy.

Saturday morning and-yes!...we all turned up at the beach to see 6ft swell and a strong westerly blowing cross shore! Within minutes everyone had rigged up and in true SWA style decided to ignore everything I had told them about the competition briefing by rushing into the water and getting some cheeky sailing in. After a quick briefing the wave competition got underway with the first round of six four-people heats. After some great wave-riding and stacks, the seeds (mostly XSWA oldies) impressed all in the second round: Bob's one handed forward loops and Phil Cutter's attempted back loop into stack were the main highlights! The true spirit of student windsurfing was shown in one of the semi finals where Lukie, fully determined to win at all costs, heroically ignored John Malyon's kit breakage and potential drowning by continuing to land forwards and wave-ride aggressively. Thus the final consisted of Adam Cropper (SWA-Team), Bob Joylove (Soton) and Lukie (Exeter). Adrenalin fought over exhaustion as they all attempted to win the prestigious Wave X. Adam Cropper established an early dominance with two perfect forwards and a nice wave. It was Bob however who came through with a couple of his trademark one handed forwards and an excellent wave to cruise to a hard fought victory in tough conditions. Congratulations to Bob and everyone who competed for a great spectacle and for reminding us what student windsurfing is really about!

In the evening everyone burst into life once more by embracing the 'X-anything' theme. Highlights were Beaker and JD's Xtreme-Ironing outfits and Jimbo's Xmas angel. Windsurfing debauchery soon followed in typical SWA style!

On Sunday the wind was light so some people went surfing while the Cardiff boys whipped out their mountain boards and sailed them over the beach. Hard sand is definitely easier!

The weekend was a great success thanks to lots of hard work by the organisers but most of all the WIND! Thanks to everyone for coming and see you next year!

Competition results:

1st Bob (Soton / SWA-Team)

2nd Adam Cropper (SWA-Team)

3rd Lukie (Exeter / SWA-Team)

4th Oli (SWA-Team)

5th Savage (XSWA)

6th John Malyon (XSWA)

Words by Jonny Moffatt (Exeter President 2005/6)

Check out the photos here