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The Student Windsurfing Association

Now that we’ve had our first two events of this season - Aussie Kiss in wonderful South Wales and Northern Monkey in sunny Liverpool - I’m sure most of you have caught the windsurfing bug and want to know what we’ve got in store for the rest of the year! 


We have two types of events, core and wave:

  • Core events will be held in Liverpool, Birmingham and the brilliant triple event BaBrUWE which is comprised of the three of the biggest windsurfing unis in the south – Bath, Bristol and UWE.
  • The Puravida ION Wave Events this year will be hosted by Swansea, Bangor and Plym-Ex (a collab between Plymouth & Exeter).
  • The end of the year is completed with Nationals at Colwyn Bay, the home of our favourite sheepshearer and sheep lookalike, Taffy Osbourne.

SWA Core Events

Liverpool – Northern Monkey IX – 16th-18th November 2018

We kicked off the Core events with Northern Monkey IX in Liverpool! With nuking wind at the saltwater lake of Crosby and popularly priced pints in Concert Square, Liverpool was the perfect setting to embark on an epic year of windsurfing. Liverpool delivered an unmissable event, with friendly hosts and a magical fairy tale theme of “Once upon a time…”. Keep your eyes peeled for the debrief article coming to your screens soon!

Birmingham - Up the Brum III - 25th-27th January 2019

Birmingham are back at it after taking a year break, with an event you don’t want to miss! With one of the biggest clubs in the SWA, there will be plenty of comfy floors to sleep on and never more than a 5 minute walk away from the party scene. This year we will be returning to Chasewater Reservoir from the very first Brum event, so get ready to soak up the nostalgia (and wind) before heading back to indulge in the infamous Brummy partying! There is promise of two great parties, the first night in the stellar Selly within walking distance of your host house and the second in central Brum. With the double Taffy Osbourne award winners of this year so far, you won't be disappointed by a night out hosted by the Birmingham Uni Windsurf Club.

BaBrUWE – Wet Dreams IX – 15th-17th February 2019

The last core event of the year is held in the origin city of the legend of Big Jon and the final resting place of James Metcalfe’s phone, wallet and clothes… That’s right, it’s time for BaBrUWE! Held in Bristol with a joint effort from neighbouring unis UWE and Bath, this event offers a whole host of windsurfing related fun. By day Bowmoor lake will provide the background for two action-packed days of windsurfing with rumours of exciting lakeside activities. By night, there will be two phenomenal parties in the heart of buzzing Bristol. This event is famed in windsurfing circles for making absolute legends and of course the jelly wrestling tournament! Do you want to be the subject of a terrific tale? Then get yourself down to this event!



Puravida ION Wave Tour

Swansea Seamen III – 30th November – 2nd December 2018

Back at it for  third year running: Swansea and their seamen are promising that the first wave event of the year will be big on the waves and big on the town! With some top class wave sailing at the gorgeous South Wales beaches only a short drive from the luxurious apartments provided by your seamen hosts, it’s guaranteed to be a sick weekend. When not hitting the waves, Swansea is assured to provide a meme-tastic night out in its dirt cheap SU and city centre, so get your Salt Bae and Distracted Boyfriend at the ready and get trending!

Plym-Ex VII – 1st-3rd February 2019

PlymEx is coming to your screens for a 7th year running with a mighty throwback to your favourite childhood TV shows on the Saturday night with talk of a private bar! With the doors open to the infamous Plymouth windriders house on the Friday, prepare yourself for a legendary house party. Never fear, there will still be plenty windsurfing, with Bigbury Beach setting the scene for two days of super wave sailing! This year we’re hoping for mad wind, but hopefully a little tamer than last year so that windsurfers don’t have to lug home broken booms! So get ready for a weekend of crazy waves and Galahad-fuelled madness!

Bangor – Rhos Ness Monster VI – 1st-3rd March 2019

For Bangor expect to arrive and have a few cheeky pre's before we all group together and start to take over Bangor's Academi where there's cheap drinks and cheesy tunes to get you bopping. In the mornings you'll be greeted to the smell of some peng breakfast before hitting up Rhosneigr and showing the locals our sendiest of windy surf. For the Saturday night we are taking it back to basics and having a phat house party for all you SWA gremlins to fully take over and get as weird as possible! There will be plenty of rompers and all the trimmings till the early hours to lead us into another day of beach fun!




BUCS Nationals

Colwyn Bay – BayLord III – 26th-28th April 2019

The ultimate windsurfing event of the year will be held in Colwyn Bay for the third year running, and with points from the races going into the national BUCS league, this is the best time to do your uni proud and thrash the competition in both racing and freestyle. Nationals is also the best place for windsurfing trashtalk, with races split up into all abilities you can be sure to get in on the action! All serious windsurfing aside, you can still expect two great nights out - with some of the friendliest locals to get grooving with and 5 jagerbombs for £10, how could you say no?




If you have any questions, want to know more, or want to get your hands on some tickets, feel free to message us on Facebook!