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The Student Windsurfing Association

Blast from the Past

Recent digging by SWA trustee Sarah Cotton unearthed this article from Come Board Sailing (Later Windsurf) way back in January 1981.

This is about the second ever UK student windsurfing event, and the first to make it into the magazines.

In this day and age the SWA is regularly featured in national publications, but it's good to know that student windsurfers were hitting it hard before most of us in the current generation were born.

Thanks to Sarah for this one, read on for the article...


NOVEMBER 1st and 2nd Sponsored by Seal Marine

Sixty one competitors from all over England and Wales journeyed to Plymouth to take part in this, the second championship organised by Plymouth Polytechnic in association with the Mayflower Sailing Club. Near gale force winds decimated the fleet, with many entrants experiencing their first taste of sea sailing. Race 1 on Saturday saw only 32 competitors make the line and still fewer, 12, finish the course in force 5-6 winds. Race 2 had to be abandoned after winds increased to 35 knots at the start.

The Freestyle event was convincingly won by Martin Buckle from Southampton University with Paul Swain from Bradford University coming second.

Sunday arrived bringing stronger winds and fewer competitors on the water. With shorter courses in more sheltered waters it was possible to hold 3 races to decide the championships.


Heavy Weight Class Champion -
1st David Smart, Exeter University
2nd William Clare, Portsmouth Polytechnic
3rd Andrew Howard, Portsmouth Polytechnic

Light Weight -
1st Paul Swain, Bradford University
2nd Duncan Lawson, Plymouth Polytechnic
3rd Andrew Berry, Portsmouth Polytechnic

Ladies Winner -
1st Kelsey Morris, Portsmouth Polytechnic

Words and Pictures: Come Board Sailing 1981, Sarah Cotton, Taff Osborne