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The Student Windsurfing Association

The Racing

The Fat Face windsurf festival was an incredible success, with strong, constant winds giving exciting racing action all day and into the night.

No other sport sees 350+ windsurfers gathered along one stretch of beach, all with one goal in mind-to get around the bouy and back to the shore. With a brutal shoredump and strong winds of up to 40 knots, this proved to be a greater challenge than anticipated, and the mast-breaking carnage at the shoreline produced endless amusement for the hundreds of spectators.

Kit breakages weren't limited to the average windsurfer either, with _________ clearly failing to take advice from his own fast forward programme coming back in to shore with a broken mast.

Despite the tough competition, the SWA showed their worth, with ******Results********

Beaker, Savage, Chris Beng, Sarah Cotton, Norris, the reservoir girls,

Full results are available at the UKWA website.

The Night Windsurf

The night windsurf is nothing short of spectacular. To anyone who hasn't been, it really is worth the trip - the lit bouy provides the perfect backdrop to synchronised forward loops by the pros, and the floodlit beach shows the effort on their faces as they sprint past to the finish line at the top of the beach.

Check out the youTube video of the night windsurf-it really was magical.

1st Place went to Chris Audsley, who said "It feels so good to win in front of such a large crowd. It brings the sport much closer to the public. Normally when we race it's just us out on the water. Every year the Fat Face Night Windsurf just gets bigger and bigger; this year is the best yet and thanks to Fat Face for putting this on"

2nd place went to Phill Horrocks, who said "Racing in the dark is a surreal experience, it feels like you are floating and you can't predict what might happen which makes it much harder, but at the same time great fun!"

3rd place went to Ben Proffitt, who summed up the feeling at many SWA events when he said "The only problem with this event is it just feels like super fun and everyone is just getting out there and having a laugh and no one seems to be taking it seriously! It's awesome racing with so many other windsurfers and in the dark. Bring on next year!"

The Party!

What really made this event was the atmosphere. As with any SWA event, the comerarderie on the beach and at the pro clinics is only matched by the rocking party with a live band which went on into the early hours. This was the area where the SWA excelled and showed the rest of the UK windsurf community how to do it properly, with incredible hidden talents revealed by Adam Marsh and Tommy P, and a lot of general love initiated, as always, by the one and only Javier Choi (see below)

There was a fair number SWA and XSWA present in the 300 strong entrants and at least 3 of the teams were heavily SWA biased.

In the 5 races over the weekend the SWA sailors kicked some serious ass. Nicky Rudd (Plymouth Uni) won 1 race and came 2nd in another. Sarah Cotton (SWA director and Ex Liverpool) won 2 races and got a 2nd and 3rd in the other races which probably put her first lady overall. Jo haywood (Ex Cambridge) came second in one race and Helen Lyle (Ex Exeter) got a 3rd in one race.

In the mens racing Pete Boustred (Southampton), Phil Cutter (SWA President and Southampton) and Andy Bramah (Former SWA Director and EX Cambridge) all managed top 10 placings in some of the races.

The SWA Boardwise team of SWA directors Sarah Cotton, Phil Cutter and Anthony 'Beaker' Lindley came second overall despite Beaker only racing in the first two races due to having sold all the kit he needed...

A very camp Andy Bramah running up the beach to the finish

Full results are on the UKWA website.

In between the racing pro coaches such as Jem Hall, Jim Collis, Dave White and Peter Hart were giving the clinics on the finer points of windsurf technique, but don't worry if you missed them as Jim, Jem and hopefully Dave will all be at the SWA Festival.

A big highlight of the weekend was the much anticipated FAT FACE NIGHT WINDSURF, a flood-lit windsurfing competition.

Carnage at the starting line

Relief after a huge blast in choppy conditions

Nik Baker won the event by a clear margin and it was possibly the largest crowds seen at an event in this country for a very long time.

As with any good windsurf event there was a rocking party with live band which went on into the early hours. This was the area where the SWA excelled and showed the rest of the UK windsurf community how to do it properly.

Many thanks to the man behind the event; Alan Cross, the UKWA and Fat face. It showed just how great windsurfing can be when you do it together. Dave White was taking photos all weekend and there are hundreds on his website www.k-63.com so check it out and see if you can spot yourself.

Quotes produced by rather heavily intoxicated SWA members while contemplating life around the campfire over the weekend... (it's hard to believe these people have degrees..)

J.Savage (Ex-exeter treasurer) - "I think i've fallen in love with a sausage"

D.Bostock (Exeter president) - "Ketchup is a bit like clay pidgen shooting isn't it" & "Hats keep your head warm don't they.."

H.Rock-evans (Ex-Cambridge President) - "SWA is really for life, not just for uni" & "I've seen XX XXX naked, it was SO shocking" (name removed for protection of henry - ed)

Beaker (SWA director!) - "Tighten your lips, it'll be more pleasurable"

Worrying isn't it....

All pics courtesy of Dave White www.k-63.com