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The Student Windsurfing Association

If you have been feeling rather lost this summer then we can think of two very valid reasons why...


Maybe it is just us but the SWA committee have been struggling to find any kind of decent wind this summer which has left us feeling rather lost... Maybe that has been just as well though as it has meant we have been able to crack on with one of those tasks we have been avoiding for years - a huge overhaul of the SWA website's security and components... Due to the size of this task the SWA site has had to be offline since early June and we apologise if this has left you feeling a little lost.

So what has changed? Many many changes are background so hopefully you should not notice them at all. They will simply mean that your personal details are safer and we have less annoying russians attempting to hack the site - nothing against the russians (check this one out for a reason) but the last two hackers have been from there... The other changes are to the frontend and include a new look header which you have probably already seen, this will be showcasing the best photos taken by members at events throughout each season so get submitting your images! Currently we have up some classic and loved photos hand picked by the SWA's Javier Choi who has been attending and helping at events since before most of you were even windsurfers!

Many of the components are still in the testing stages but as the site is all about being as interactive as possible we will soon be launching a chat comppnent so you can see who else is looking at the site and chat with them. That and many more goodies are all going to be launched over the months building up to the start of the academic season.

And what does the academic season bring in terms of events? Well, where do we start... SWA President Al Delaney is currently mulling over which lucky universities will be hosting events as part of the SWA 2010-11 series and event dates will be released as soon as we have them. Already got your diaries to hand though? Awesome, stick this in there - The Legendary SWA Festival  - Aussie Kiss 9 will be rocking your world on the weekend of 23-24 October 2010!

Now if you came to the Nationals this year and saw the embarrasingly large number of prizes we had been given by our amazing sponsors to give away, you may have been fooled into thinking the recession was just a myth... We will be working closely with all our sponsors again this year and as we love them so much we will be doing a feature on each sponsor on a monthly basis so you can meet the person behind the brand name, find out what they can offer you, what hot deals they have coming out soon and what their favourite beverage is so you can ply them with bribes at the bar! Check out the scrolling sponsors banner across the top of the screen to remind yourself who they all are and click on each banner to get straight to their website and check out the upcoming 2011 kit which trust us - is pimp!

This site will continue changing on a daily basis and more and more will be released and opened up to you guys and girls as AK approches. To keep updated with the lastest changes just keep an eye on the 'Note from the SWA' on the left hand side of the site.

If you find a bug on the site or just want to get in touch to tell us how cool your summer has been, then feel free to use the contact form in the FAQ section of the 'About Us' menu link.

See you all at AK9 and wishing you all a windy summer wherever you are,

SWA Director