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The Student Windsurfing Association

Done/doing an IT based degree? Any experience of creating apps for iPhones/ iPads? If so then the SWA needs YOU! 

The SWA are looking for a new member to join their IT and Communication team in order to develop an app that can be used for controlling competition heats at events.

You will be working initially alongside other SWA committee members in discussing the various options and limitations of a heat control system and then will be allowed freedom to make the dream become a reality and develop a cutting edge app specifically for the SWA's use.

We offer the chance to gain experience in developing custom apps without the pressure of a client hassling you for fast results. It will be a fantastic project to talk about in future job applications and will mean you can display that 'extra something' that will mean you shine in a competitive market. Plus you will get discounted event attendence and be able to say 'yeah i'm kinda a big deal round here'.

Want to know more about the role of not sure you've got the required skills? Get in touch with Beaker: beaker [at] swa.co.uk for more info. 

This is a role that needs to be filled urgently. Get yourself on the SWA committee and get your work / life balance in order!