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The Student Windsurfing Association
Worthing Maeli Cherel vulcan 150x150 Worthing UKWA Freestyle, 28 29 August 2010

Introducing the return of The Freestyle Tour for 2011

The Legendary Trevor Funnel returns with avengeance this year, putting together a non-stop Freestyle tour schedule for the coming months. All skill levels will be catered for, from seasoned pros to those just popping their freestyle cherry... 

A great way to improve your freestyle moves, sailing in an electric atmosphere with countless fans screaming on the beach, being pushed to nail those moves you've only dreamed of, and giving you rock star status in the windsurf world. Finally with all of the categories available prize winning potential is high! What more can you ask for. The SWA will be there, will you?

Adam Sims Photo: Ed Texier 
Adam Sims Switch Chach-ing at Hayling Island
Event Venue
Dates Details

Hayling Island                        April 23/24                                UK Tour Event 1.

Minnis Bay, Kent                   May 28/29/30                           UK Tour Event 2,
+  European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour

Mumbles, Wales                    June 25/26                               UK Tour Event 3.

Ferring, Worthing                 August 20/21                            UK Tour Event 4.

Poole , Windfest                   Sept 10/11                               UK Tour event 5.

Maeli Cherel kicking my ass with a smooth spock

Heres some Quotes from current competitors on what it's like to be competitor and why people should come long….

“The events are really friendly – you will learn sooo much more in a competion than just freesailing and all the best guys are there and you will be surprised how many tipS they can give you for how to crack a move!” Will Rogers

“Its Simple….having a fifteen year old planing past you and smacking down a toad in 6 inches of water seriously makes you up your game. Its all about the progression.” Nick Bentley

“Freestyle is making a comeback and now is a good chance to get involved, get some free tips from some of the current top pros and send it at the party!!”
Adam Sims

 Will Rogers grubby 
Will Rogers busting out a Grubby in Worthing

UKWA Freestyle Tour Aims  and  General information.

To arrive at National Champions in the discipline of Freestyle Windsurfing for the categories of Pro Men, Amateur Men, Masters, Youths, Junior’s and Ladies.

All entrants must be members of the UKWA.

The Freestyle Tour shall consist of five events, the scores from which shall all count towards the National Championship Result unless four or more Tour Events are completed when a sailors worst event score shall be discarded.

A fleet at any Tour event will be formed by a minimum of four entrants, if there are less than four entrants in any category some or all fleets may be merged and individual fleet results extracted from the overall event results.

Seeding for the first round at each Tour Event shall be arrived at on the basis of the results of the 2010 National Championship and the Event Committees judgment and experience.

Subsequent rounds shall be seeded on the results of the previous round. There is a limit of four rounds daily at each event and after every fourth round a sailors worst round score shall be discarded.

Judging shall be by Overall Impression or Best Move.

Heat Systems shall be Repechage or Single/Double Elimination.

Signals to sailors shall be by flag and/or sound.

Event information and schedules shall be displayed on the Official Notice Board.

Detailed Rules and Sailing Instructions shall be published on the UKWA website and copies will be available at each event.

Freestyle Tour Fleets.


There are no age, experience or sponsorship restrictions in this fleet.

Entrants to the “Pro” fleet will generally be those sailors who are or have been paid to windsurf, or are full time sailors, or with equipment supplied by a shop, brand or outside sponsor.

Sailors who have sufficient skill to compete at “Pro” level but are not sponsored may also enter this fleet.

The Event Committee will reserve the right to promote sailors from other fleets if it is deemed necessary.

Sponsors branding on sails, boards, clothing or vehicles is unrestricted.

Sail numbers are mandatory.


Amateur Men.

Any male of any age can enter. It is generally a fleet for those sailors who do not consider themselves to be of “Pro” ability or who are aspiring to reach that level.

Sailors should have purchased their equipment themselves and no sponsors branding apart from the manufacturers original logos are allowed on sails or boards unless approved by the Event Committee. Sail numbers are advisory.


The above applies and sailors should be aged 35 or over on the 1st January 2011.


The above applies and sailors should be aged under 20 on the 31st Dec 2011.


The above applies and sailors should be aged under 17 on the 31st Dec 2011.


The above applies and sailors should be aged under 15 on the 31st Dec 2011.


There are no age or experience restrictions and sponsorship is allowed. If there are sufficient entries ladies fleets may be further sub divided into age categories. Sail numbers are advisory.

Competitors may enter one fleet only, except with the express permission of the Event Committee. Membership of the UKWA is a requirement.

Competitors may be required to wear rash vests or to display UKWA or Event Sponsors branding and logos on their sails or boards.