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The Student Windsurfing Association

Photos from the Exeter Event which turned into a mountain board competition have just been edited and some awesome sequence shots created. Check them out here.

For high quality large versions contact beaker.

Congratulations to Ali Hardy who is this years e-card competition winner! His christmas card will be sent to all the SWA sponsors, associates and members to spread the SWA christmas cheer!!

Have a very merry christmas, a happy new year and see you all at the next event!

And here is the winning design:

Should we get stickers?


Now you too can own a warm and colourful hand knitted beanie, as modelled by Mr Cotton!

Available in beige, pink or blue with black or white text, with/without cool tassles.

See the committee at one of the events to buy yours.




On the 23rd and 24th March, 2002, a team of students went to the student Europeans in La Tranche, west France, to represent the UK. As always, we went off in style. Union jack thongs, food fights, frantic racing and the Brits clearing up, are just a few of many great memories from the event.