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Hi there and thanks for taking the time to find out more about me.

My name is Anthony Lindley, known to all as Beaker (think scientist from muppetshow) and this is my webpage.

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I used to go to Exeter uni were I studyed Mechanical Engineering, and i;m now at UWE where I have taken on becoming a solicitor (foolish change of subject some would say but it brings great diversity of knowledge and understanding of the way the world works i believe.)



 Manifesto for sports president campaign:

While I was writing my campaign manifesto I found it was nigh on impossible to get all my aims, hopes and objectives down in 250 words. So much so that I really wasn't satisfied with the end result. So here is the original draft befre I cut it down.. It is slightly lengthy but gives a good insight into my attitudes to this position.

 I’m a person that likes getting involved in organising things; events, parties, competitions, sports clubs, you name it. In the past I ran the Windsurf club at Exeter Uni where I did a Mechanical Engineering and business management degree then after moving to Bristol I set up the Windsurf club at UWE which I run while doing my law course on the side! At Exeter we got ‘most improved club in uni’ and UWE Windsurf club has become the leading windsurf club in the UK this year. These successes can be attributed to my constant drive and enthusiasm that encourages others to get involved and work hard to achieve their best. I’m also involved in the National sports organisation level and I currently run the Student Windsurfing Association which involves running 10+ windsurf events a year including the biggest event of its kind in Europe, plus all the admin craziness that comes with it.

Unlike lots of people, I know that I like to keep my calendar super busy the whole time with organising and running things and I get great job satisfaction when a distinct improvement can be seen. I can’t stand it when people make excuses about being too tired or busy to do something they are responsible for; if you take a job on you stick to it 100% and don’t slack off when you realise that you may have taken on too much.




That’s the kind of dedication that I will bring to the position of Sports President. I’m always coming up with new schemes or plans to make admin systems more efficient, cutting out all but the necessary paperwork and ensuring that the end result is exactly what I had wanted or better. Anyone that has worked with me knows that I get really frustrated if something isn’t working well and I won’t stop pushing for improvements until they are achieved.



If all the Sports clubs are going to run well and reach their full potential then they need good leadership. I want to help the presidents to all achieve their potentials as leaders and each be pushing to make their club the best. If you vote for me to be sports president then need any kind of advice or help about sorting out your club then I will be more than happy to spend some time analysing why the club isn’t working as it could and coming up with rejuvenating and fresh ideas.





I am a firm believer also that everything happens faster with better communication. If you ask someone in your team to do something once and then expect them to have done it a week later then you are possibly being naïve. Constant communication as to progress with matters makes things happen a lot faster. That’s why I respond to emails/calls WHEN I get them, not "soon" or even "I'll get round to it" because that’s too late for you.



so why vote 'beaker' as sports president?

  • A major sponsor for the Sports union as a whole to increase overall funding available to all the clubs.
  • I want to get more people joining more sports clubs even if they're not interested in competing. Giving everyone the chance to play at a sport of their choice and not feel excluded because they don't have the skills or time to make the first team.
  • In recent Sports council meetings there has been a motion to support the Hartbury campus students who do not have any kind of regular transport system in order to play with main site teams. Although it has been pointed out that everyone has to pay to get to their training site from all campuses, the Hartbury students do not even have the option of a university flyer and end up paying vast amounts just to be able to keep up with the training schedules. Also we should condider that many of the Hartbury students are good enough for our firsts and the campus is beating UWE in the League tables so any support of them will be good for UWE sports in general.
  •  More centralisation of training onto campus grounds. The new sports hall is a good start but the space and time management of the facilities which are not limitless will all mean many discussions with the university to ensure that the union gets a fair deal.
  • Control of club accounts - I have spoken to several clubs that have had trouble withdrawing their money which they have raised, when they want it. This isn't good enough and although the union is not about to issue each captain with a bank card, the system needs a re-think.
  • Transport – Availablility and space for kit is an issue that many clubs with equipment.
  • Fundraising – Many of the larger clubs do not find that money is their biggest issue but for smaller and developing clubs it is often the 'be all and end all' of running the club; 'how to raise money for club kit', 'how to help subsidise trips' etc. If you want me to massivly up your budget allowance then sorry but you're being very hopeful.. If money was given to your club then it will have to be taken form the budget of another club which will never work. So how can i support your club?  
  • Support in advertising and running fundraising events. I managed to raise almost £1000 in one night for the windsurf club last term and we are planning another party on the 29th March at Reflex.
  • Help with a long term purchase and replacment plan, designed specifically to fit the needs of each club. This is currently being planned by the current sports union and i want to help implement it as part of my maximum communication, maximum action plan.
  • Keep a list in the SU with advice as to which bars and clubs have sponsored sports clubs in the past and which are currently seeking support from teams.  

·         Simplification and clarification of club administration. From personal experience I know that setting up a club can be a nightmare! So many hoops to jump through and so much paperwork to get filled in. I will set out a clear step by step guide on how to set up a club and a list of what needs to be done and when for established clubs. (This is actually being completed later today!)

  • Better communication between All club presidents, the Sports President and the members. For my part I will endeavour to be available to speak to presidents and members when they want and I always answer calls or emails as soon as i receive them.

Why should you vote for me as Sports President; because if you tell me what you want to see happen or change NOW, then I will fully dedicate myself to helping you get it, NOW!


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