The Student Windsurfing Association

Yeeehhaaaa - Wicked holiday guys...

  • Location - Fuerte Ventura, Canaries, Spain
  • Weather - Hot, wet and windy
  • Party - Lots!! - Main pary theme - Toga
  • Attendance - 30 Students 15 guys, 15 gals (or there abouts! - Good ratio anyway!)


The Last Resort, El Cotillo

Check out the photos or recall your favorite moments

Do NOT read any further if you still think girls are sweet...

I'm sorry, but this has to go on the site - Even though the SWA do not endorse it - If such angelic quiet girls can come up with this, then it must be suitable for all to read!!

Oh me lass theres nothing like a gobfull, Stick his scrot in your mouth and use your hand to knob-pull Slide his c##k in and out, nothing could be finer Oh me lass theres nothing like a good old 69er.

Xyrs old i met a lad he took me back to his place A quiet drink, a sneaky snog and then i sat on his face He came up for air, he was shocked he said your just a minor I took his c##k and sucked it hard, wooho a 69er!


The little prick he tried his best, he shot his load in seconds Wanting more i went next door where his father beckoned His c##k was rock he said he'd #### the #### from my ... He kept his word I was a satisfied bird (oh!) a better 69er


You've talked the talk, you've sung the song, we've seen your hidden treasure, You ride your board, you pump your sail but where's our promised pleasure To be frank, go take a w##k, we have our vibrator 2 duracels, some baby oil, a better stimulator

Oh me lass theres nothing like a dildo Stick your scrot somewhere else and use your hand to knobpull Watch and learn and practise hard and we might see you later Oh me lass theres nothing like a fully charged vibrator!!

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