The Student Windsurfing Association
Crazy wind, crazy waves, crazy moves, crazy fun? what more can we say!

Ok, slight exaggeration on the weather front! Conditions were perfect for the beginners (ie. Lisa wavesailing the shorebreak on an F2 Rookie!), and for the rest of us there was much fun to be had out of the lightwind freestyle and Tandem board?. Woo woo! A seriously good time was had by all, with the wind making a few well timed (ie. in the afternoon), appearances allowing for some 5m sailing, accompanied by a nifty swell from the reef outback. However, even in no wind ?Magic Paul? continued to plane throughout the week, putting us all to shame!

Not being students that give up on the adrenalin rush quickly, we found ourselves some weird and wonderful 'Hextreme' amusements to keep ourselves entertained. Body boarding took out grandmas, skimming took out topless power-walkers, bungee trampolining took out small children and surfing (dude) at the infamous Famara beach took out?.umm?.ourselves!

Most importantly, alcohol was consumed in large quantities: - Hula hula drinking games fuelled by Coronita, Snaky B and tequila in Chispas Bar (with unexpected police escorts). Podium dancing in Camelot club to soft porn on large screens. Trouser stealage by the angry French- rudely interrupting our 3am swim. Skinny dipping (mandatory). Bad-taste-bbq and L-party fancy dress. All compounding into brawls (hows your nose Mike?), 4-way kisses, dodgy dancing and stripping??.ALRRRIIIIGGHHTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

All that's left to say is a huge thank you to Carsten and Marie at Windsurf Paradise, everyone who came and 'Organised Helen'- honourary mum! So, see you there next year then?!!

Check out the photos here!

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