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tanya Tanya, one of our own SWA Team riders reports on the 2005 Tiree Triple Crown event from back in October.  She finished with a 2nd in super cross, 2nd in freestyle, and 3rd in waves, putting her in equal 2nd overall!



Having only decided to return to Tiree this year just 4 days before the start of the event, things were pretty hectic in the run up! For anyone who isn?t aware you can get to the Carribean quicker than you can to Tiree from Bristol! and it would be cheaper to go to the canaries for a week!...All in all ? total mission, but I learnt last year that it was fully worth it. Due to such late organisation there was no room left on the Saturday ferry so I would be arriving a day late?..not a great way to start an event.

The shape of the UKWA competition scene has dramatically changed this year and instead of 3 separate events making up the triple crown, we now have one event with 3 disciplines; waves, freestyle and supercross. Should be interesting. Will keep you informed;



Saturday 16th

Due to not having a ferry booking the competition started without me. A round of pro mens wave was run in logo high port tack. Ben Profitt took first with Jonas Cebellos and Phil Horricks in 2nd and 3rd. Luckily they didn?t have time to run the women so I missed nothing!



Sunday 17th

Having driven overnight and caught the ferry in the morning I was exhausted. We arrived on the island at 1:15, fanged it to the beach and was sailing my heat by 2:00!!!Insane! It was port tack, boom-logo at Ballephuil 5.0 weather. The wave riding was awesome but it was 2 waves and 2 jumps to count?unfortunately the ol? south coast roots (starboard tack) didn?t really help me out on the jumping side so I had to settle for a 3rd.



Monday 18th

This morning I was totally snapped. I woke up to a horrific cold which can only be described as freshers flu. How it is called freshers flu when everyone associated with the uni catches it is beyond me. Doomed. Praying there would be no wind so that I could recover I arrived at the beach only to find it was fully windy and they were running freestyle. For anyone who knows me freestyle is the bain of my life. None the less I managed a 2nd! Joy! The cure for freshers flu for future reference: overdose on medication and go windsurfing in the north sea for a couple of hours.



Tuesday 19th

Today I was feeling much better. We  arrived at the beach to find more onshore winds and no swell meaning?.. super cross. For those who don?t know super cross is a race with massive inflatable sausages throughout. You have to duck gybe the marks and do what ever else they tell you! Having never even seen one of the sausages before I was a little sceptical to say the least?.. especially after having watched the pro?s go out and totally punish each other by crashing in the same place at the sausages.

The success rate of actually clearing the sausages and sailing away was minimal.The course was simple: A running beach start, jump over 2 sausages, duck gybe, jump over another sausage and cross the finish line.

After 3 races, however, my outlook on the discipline completely changed?it?s SO much fun! Stacked on a 5.7 and freestyle board you hurtle towards the first sausage and the closer you get to it the more you realise how big it is! But speed is the only way to succeed over them so you just have to step on it, jump, pray and try not to land on anyone! The outcome was another 2nd place?losing again to ruth elliot, and now it is clear to me why she has won the indoor event 2 years running.



Wednesday 20th

After a heavy night it was quite a relief that there was no wind today. We generally minced around?.tried wake boarding behind Ronny Jocks new 4x4, it didn't quite work, but another viable past time in no wind.





Thursday 21st


This morning we arrived at Gott Bay to find that the judges wanted to run several more rounds of super cross. After getting the pros out of the way we were again put in to race with the amateurs. This time, however, 2 forwards were put into the race; one at the start and one at the finish?.should be interesting! We were not informed of this until we were rigged and about to race. This would not usually be a problem but I had rigged a 5.0 for maximum speed whilst everyone else was on 4.5?s and I was using a freestyle board which would make the forwards even more of a challenge. Without enough time left to fin up my wave board I had to grin and bear it?..

We only did one race, and on returning to the beach I was one of only 2 people NOT to get disqualified! Joy! So I got a 1st out of the women.

By this time it was 1 30pm and we had been in wetsuits all morning. Just as I was looking forward to warming up and having some lunch the organisers decided to move to Crossapol to run a wave round! An hour later I had de rigged 3 sails, driven to Crossapol, rigged another 2 sails (4.0 and 4.5), re wet suited and was back on the water-the joys of competing.

With pretty sketchy waves but howling wind, cross on shore they decided to run heats with 3 jumps to count, all of which had to be different. For anyone who doesn't know this is quite a bizarre criteria-usually there would be at least one wave to count, but not today.

After having sailed my heat and spoken to people who had watched it I was expecting to come either 2nd or possibly 1st. Therefore when a 3rd was written on the score board I was a little baffled to say the least. I went to see the score sheets only to discover that the judges had only seen ONE of my THREE jumps! And the one they marked wasn't even my table top! Chris had luckily taken pictures of the heat and had 2 of my 3 jumps on film, so I went in pursuit of the judges. I got absolutely no where since apparently there is nothing they can do about it unless they re ran the heat which was an impossibility in diminishing light and wind. I was broken, really pissed off , gutted, and totally over competing ever again.



Friday 22nd

I am in dire need of wind and waves today in order to pull my wave result up, and obviously we have woken to find totally flat water and barely a breath of wind.

So that is it, no more rounds-competing over. I finished with a 2nd in super cross, 2nd in freestyle, and 3rd in waves. Unfortunately for me the super cross does not count for the women's overall Triple Crown which put me in equal 2nd overall. I definitely think I could have done better in the waves, but the fact that the judges were asleep during my heat didn't really help! All in all it was a pretty good event, with a couple of really messy nights.

In a few days White Air starts which is always an awesome event, so watch this space.


Photos courtesy of Chris Hughes




in the waves air...



Tanya's a happy girl!



the freestyle contest...






skyboy doing the biggest bail of the contest...

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