The Student Windsurfing Association

BA announced earlier "they ain't taking no god damn sporting equipment you crazy fool" at which point he was handed a milkshake by Murdoch. The news has come as a disappointment to Hannibal who was hoping that his plan would come together, as he does so love it when this happens.

This is actually serious. BA (British Airways) intend to halt the transportation of larger sporting equipment (including surfboards and windsurfing boards/sails) via the airport baggage system or within the aircraft hold from 6 November 2007. But my SWAnky little liquid lovers, you can do something about it...

More help needed folks....this time they're planning to replace Surf Tech with boat parking spaces. Please act now to stop this madness!

This year the SWA action seems to have kicked off early with some pre season ‘training’ (mainly for our livers) at the two national windsurfing festivals.

It's every flirt's favourite time of year coming up.... Poole Animal Windfest 2007! With the UKWA National Freestyle Competition being held alongside a whole host of other extreme sports, not to mention the wonder this is another event that must go down in the diaries.

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