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Sea, Sand, Wind and...SUN?!

Next year's bookings now being taken...


Earlier this year the students of Britain got a little bored with the sunny, windless UK and decided to go on a trip unlike any that had gone before. A small band of the pesky people thought Greece; afternoon winds, 80 party people and a bar that would let you dance on tables seemed like the dream scenario, and so they set about recruiting from far and wide for this holiday of holidays. 

The students were quite easy to come by, as were a few older people with real jobs that wanted to gatecrash, the place in Greece was found instantaneously (Club Vass) and the organisers needn't have fear about not pre-organising the bar, as they realised that the talent in these young things was to naturally be drawn to such a place, especially when led astray by certain instructor-types.

So in June, off these carefree munchkins went, looking forwards to a week of hedonism with a tiny bit of windsurfing thrown in on the side. Some of the people who attended had only windsurfed a couple of times ever in their lives before! While others were dab hands and had achieved such things as: setting up the student windsurfing association while they were at uni (a good while ago now), training the top young windsurfers in the country and becoming engineers - who really were the life and soul of the party…

A week came and went, with every single student learning something new about themselves and their lives. Some learned to carve gybe, some learned to tack, some learned to spock and vulcan, while others learned that strange blue alcoholic substances should possibly not be consumed by the jug-full… The holiday has-beens had a wonderful time and left Vassiliki in Greece altogether more rounded and experienced individuals, afraid not of dressing up as gladiators, kissing any instructor who happens to be nearest or singing their tiny hearts out. They also seemed to have developed an affinity for nakedness, windsurfing and general debauchery. Some would call it a mighty success, others, just another week in the world of the SWA…

Great thanks goes to Club Vass and all the instructors for putting up with us and taking advantage of us, plus Jav the holiday organiser extraordinaire and every single one of you 80 fun people.

Missed out on this trip? Have no fear, bookings are now being taken for the 2009 summer Vass trip and there is a discount for the first 60 people to book so check out the details and get your friends along as well!



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