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Taffy Director

Alongside his many, diverse achievements, Taffy once completed a bee keeping course. This budding astrophysicist (retired) has been on the SWA scene and helping out at events for a while. He is extremely welsh and proud of it. Whenever he has a spare month -and an empty wallet- he returns home to work on a sheep farm in North Wales. Surprisingly, given the woolly mop on his head, he doesn’t like working with sheep and eventually the lure of more alcohol and a livelier party scene draws him away from the farm. This doesn’t always go well, once in Bristol, he woke up in “the place where all the homeless people live” while he was working at a call centre. Like a true Watersports Professional, Taffy now has his own watersports centre in Colwyn Bay with actual boats and everything.

David Director

Some say FGP’s nickname is comprised of the first letter of his three greatest loves in life, others say it was a title that he won in what can only be described as The Most Orange Competition in World History. It is a lesser known fact that he chose Imperial University on the basis that it reminded him of the popular mint enjoyed after a curry. This was the first in a series of poor decisions that saw him rise from Imperial President, to SWA VP, to the heights of directorship. David’s windsurfing ability changes according to the choice of seasoning he has massaged into his beautiful head of hair the night before, a practice he adopted in an attempt to shed the nickname of Captain Vanilla. A seemingly unpredictable soul, the time David gets in from a night out actually corresponds directly to the time of high tide in Suva, Fiji.

James President

James "the other Arney" Arney was raised by wolves until the tender age of 42. Upon being chased away by a tiger who was, quite frankly, sick of him, James sacrificed his perfect singing voice to grow a pair of legs and find a prince. Instead, he found a tin man, a scarecrow, a lion and Magic Mike. After killing all of them and consuming their intellect, ability to circulate blood, liquid courage, and the art of the dance, he joined the SWA. Where and when he learned to windsurf has yet to be determined - we can only assume it was during his time under the sea. Pictured riding a wild Ollie.

Jane Secretary

Following a two year stint as SWA President, long standing member of Liverpool University Windsurf Club Jane is the SWA's Secretary. Jane loves the SWA so much and couldn't bear to give up the student life, she totalled 10 years at Liverpool University doing three degrees! Since graduating in 2020, Jane is now working as a vet, but has vowed to still come to all the events she can. When not on the water, Jane can be found propping up the bar, extolling the virtues of windsurfing to anyone polite enough to listen. She is famed for her fancy dress efforts, terrible puns, and her unparalleled ability to misplace her personal possessions at events. Also a Senior Intermediate Instructor, Jane loves getting as many people on the water as possible and seeing them develop.

Jon Head of Finance

‘Big Jon’ is an ex-President of the Imperial Windsurf Club and is known for his snazzy shirt collection. He achieved even greater fame at one of Bristol’s events in what went down in history as ‘Big Jon’s Big Night’. In honour of this, Imperial’s next event was re-christened ‘Return of Big Jon’ as the SWA eagerly awaited another wild night. Safe to say they were not disappointed! Jon also loves a cheeky windsurf and just spent the summer in Corsica doing a season and improving his skills

Laura Head of Media

Grown in a test tube by Taffy at his watersports centre in the depths of North Wales, Laura has just as much lash banter and even more hair. A chemical engineer at Birmingham, she promptly took over the windsurf club, joined the SWA and wondered what happened to all her free time. She is almost as big a fan of sarcasm as she is glitter.Not a massive fan of bouncers who laugh at her.

Hannah Head of Events

Having been a social sec, VP and now taken the role of chief gossip collector at the best UOB, Hannah decided it was time to join the SWA as Core Events Officer. As a drunken liability that is rarely actually seen on a windsurf board, Hannah plans to continue her legacy with more drunken antics in 2019.

Glen Head of Tech Glen was a lonesome Computer Scientist, roaming the computer labs of University of Liverpool stressing over his inability to code Hello World where former President Laura found him. She opened his eyes to the wonderment of the Windsurf world and he has never looked back ... he is still unable to code Hello World 
Elise Head of Welfare

Elise first discovered windsurfing after being packed off to the Netherlands aged 11, by her Dutch dad, to a sailing camp in order to become ‘more Dutch’. She then promptly forgot all about it before joining Birmingham’s windsurf club and fell in love with the windsurfing world. 


Elise is now working on making windsurfing more accessible, writing Equality & Diversity plans and busy getting grants.

Nicola AK Event Manager

Like any sensible landlocked Londoner, Nic grew up trying every watersport she could get her hands on. After much deliberation she concluded that windsurfing was her true passion, took a 6 year hiatus, became a fully fledged nerd and then started a degree in Physics at Birmingham. During her time as a Brummie she resumed her windsurfing ways and finally, armed with the powers of nerddom and windsurfiness, joined the SWA committee. Vowing only to use these powers for good, she now runs the SWA, a.k.a. The Justwater League.


Rhea Core Event Officer

Rhea was found a few years ago wandering the streets of Hull. Liverpool windsurfing decided to take her in and give her a loving home where she proved to be quite the article writer! The SWA spotted this talent and snatched her up. She is the dark lord of windsurfing and has three horcruxes that we know of. One can be found in a packet of potato waffles, another at the bottom of a bottle of tequila and the third on the hook of a windsurfing harness. Take her potatoes and feel her wrath. (She's lovely really, I promise) If you've read an article on our blog in the past few months, the chances are that Rhea wrote most of it!

Tom Wave Event Officer

Tom organizes the world famous SWA WAVE TOUR! as well this he tries to balance being an international team rider, traveling the world making videos, sailing as many world-class wave spots as possible and trying to hold down a full-time job. He cried at his first AK when after 8 hours of driving to Devon, and his first sniff of the sea since starting Uni at landlocked Nottingham, he was informed his wave gear would be utterly useless because AK was held on a Lake and no one at his club had bothered to tell him this. He never made a podium in his time competing on the SWA wave tour which still surprises people and one time, whilst trouserless at Cardiff wave he was exposed as a member of Fall Out Boy. He never grew out of his teen emo phase and will confiscate any aux cable he can find to play his 00's sad soft punk rock playlist.

Rufus Wave Event Officer

Rufus knows cool like no other. Twice as many followers as following on Instagram and Spotify says he has an “eclectic” music taste. His role as party coordinator can mean literally mean anything at all times - he is THE quantum committee member. Soul sold to Robby Naish for the ability to waterstart. President of Nottingham, co-inventor of window relay, master mincer, and knows everything there is to know. Mother of Dragons.

In 2010 Rufus’ dad first started throwing him into Chichester lake, where he windsurfed on and off for 8 years before joining the Notts club where he fell in love with the sport.

At his first committee meeting - turned night out - Rufus got trapped in the tunnels under Nottingham after delivering his friend home at the end of the night.

Sebastian Treasurer

Seb is a lifelong water baby and started life as a dirty sailor, but we’ll forgive him for that as he quickly converted to the light of windsurfing. Starting in his first year, he fell in love with the awesome speed, great company, wild nights, wiping out and all the other SWA shenanigans. To that end he promptly became an instructor 6 months later to help liberate all other oppressed water babies and landlubbers alike.

Seb has a real skill for getting other people (that aren’t his parents) to pay for things, namely his dinghy instructor, windsurfing instructor, senior instructor and safety boat quals. He also knows how to trick SUs or AUs into giving clubs more money which is why Bath has a huge brand new kit trailer, a budget to rival America’s defence budget and enough cash in the coffers to bail out Greece… fools. So put your orders in and let him work his magic.

Matthew Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Dat Muffin joined the SWA committee to give himself as many reasons as possible to continue windsurfing now that he's boring and got a job. While he was doing his degree you might have known him as 'that guy who goes to every bloody event' and he doesn't intend to stop now. His role as sponsorship manager means he'll be working to secure some sick windsurfing prizes for all the comps throughout the year and as well as this he’ll be working on a few techy side-projects. This suits him well as he enjoys geeking out over shiny new windsurfing kit almost as much as he loves honing his leet programming skillz.

Jack Partnership Director

Jack was the proud recipient of the keenest fresher award in his first year and has fought to maintain that reputation ever since. (He loves windsurfing and still has the maturity of a fresher.)

Ever since his first year Jack has worked hard to get everyone as excited for windsurfing as he is. As the partnership director, he is responsible for getting those sweet, sweet sponsorship deals for the SWA and he is always keen to promote us to anyone who will listen.

Joe Media Officer

Joe Rubens is part of the newest generation of windsurfers, having started only last year, he became instantly addicted to the sport. "Arrogant yet wholesome" is a simple way to describe him. 

He spent many hours this summer volunteering to help prep for AK, however nobody is quite sure if it was the goodness of his heart, or how much he craves approval that motivated this effort.

Laura Media Officer

I’m not funny enough to write a nice bio but i take pictures and help with things!

Megan Media Photography

Little is known about SWA Star Baker Megan’s past. All we know is she was conceived in France, the lovechild of threeway between a hand whisk, a roll of camera film and a universal joint. She washed up on England’s shores at the tender age of 44 having windsurfed from Brest on a chocolate log with nothing but a bra to catch the prevailing wind. She found her people at Nottingham Windsurf Club. Ever since she has become famous for simultaneously making the best cake and taking the worst photos. If you ever get to speak to Mystic Meg, as she is known in Scotland, ask her what she kept under her bed in second year. Bonus points if you understand the answer.

Ryan Tech Team

Full time partyer and parttime windsurfer, many have questioned whether they have ever seen Ryan out on the water before due to invariably having partied too hard the night before. Aside from IT helper and Imperial's social sec, he is known for getting lost on SWA weekends so if you see him in the wild, be sure to point him in the right direction!

Oscar Tech Team

Oscar spent too long getting his eyes sorted to come to any events for a whole year but now here he is! When he’s on the water he will get lost so decided to get into windsurfing in his second year. 

Kai Events Officer

Kai is one of our support officers for Events! What Kai doesn’t know about events it’s not worth knowing! Kai supports us with AK and helping to manage our Waterfront at events!

Jack Events Team

At events this will be the man to get you out of bed in the morning. His endless stream of energy and banter will be sure to resurrect you and get you moving toward your windsurf kit.

Recently back from Nam, his banter now comes in a multilingual form. This only adds to his usefulness.

Sarah General Minion

Sarah started windsurfing on a family holiday when she was only a tiny 7-year-old water sproglet, and has been hooked ever since. Rising up through the RYA ranks on the Junior Olympic programme before going rogue and following the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) route. Sarah now spends every possible minute on the water, travelling the world to train or compete and making friends with turtle turtles. However, this doesn’t stop her attending as many SWA events as possible (on the rare occasion that she’s in the UK), whilst also supposedly doing a degree in Sports Performance at Bath. Sarah got involved in the SWA committee in search of “BNOB” status at events, and is officially known as a “General Minion”, both because she helps in almost every area of committee (especially Media and Sponsorship), but also due to her strong resemblance to a certain animated cartoon character... Her aim for this year is to help improve the SWA profile and sponsor relations, as well as helping the media team with event coverage. Sarah is generally quite a modest person. That is until she has had a bottle of port where you will find her brandishing round the quote “Did you know I’m pro?” to anyone that will listen! 

Aussie Kiss 20

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