The Student Windsurfing Association

On the 16th December 2007 in the early evening, 15 sleepy students arrived in Dahab for a week of carnage...

After a solid meal and plenty of local 'Rumo' a game of Ring of Fire helped to get everyone properly acquainted, perhaps a little too well, although we're not sure how many names could be remembered in the morning!

The first day proved windy and while the beginners and improvers nursed hangovers and laid back in the first bit of sun, intermediates and advanced hit the water early and made the most of the breeze. Of the two advanced groups, instructors Chris and Jamie used their knowledge and expertise to advise on sail sizes..... Jamie’s group pumped out on their 4.7’s and Chris’s group came back with burning arms and changed down from their 7m sails pretty sharpish!

After a great day on the water it was a mass exodus into Masbat and the legendary tree bar. For Dahab virgins this was the first experience of the Egyptian taxi system, or lack of, and led later in the week to a world record attempt at ‘how many students can fit in/on an Egyptian pick-up'. A night of rum, rum, dancing, techno techno, and rum followed.

The next day the wind really kicked in, everyone had an awesome day. The 3.7’s even got a look in!!

After such a crazy day of wind everyone was almost relieved when the following day produced a lack of wind and some explorers went off to ride camels in Cairo, while others passed the time burying people on the beach. The night was equally chilled although Hugo and Leo got another step closer to liver failure as they man challenged through three more bottles of rum... ...each!

Thursday saw more breeze, although not quite 4m weather as kindly discovered by Hugo who went out to recce the wind, knee deep on his 70L 3S, pumping out determinedly to baby bay......and all the way back again. Possibly Jamie’s recommendation on sail size?! The hotel put on a BBQ that night and we were treated to some ‘authentic’ Egyptian entertainment, involving tambourines, men in orange skirts and lots of spinning, and some impressive audience participation from Leah.

By Friday things started to get Christmassy and the decorations were going up, with the bonus of a few electric shocks from the fairy lights, (always a good crack in a wet and salty wetsuit).

On Saturday everyone (apart from those with deli beli - bad luck guys) made the most of the breeze and sunshine for the last time, with the flight back to chilly England starting to seem all too soon.

Saturday evening was BBQ night and the Egyptian themed costumes came out, although quickly got covered up by hoodies thanks to the Baltic evening temperature. The hotel staff put on the usual great selection of food, from half roasted chickens to an array of lamb and beef casseroles, rice, bread, and vegetables. After the BBQ everyone relished the last visit of the week to the tree bar, and made the most of the cheap rum and temporary distraction from thought of the flight home the following day.

It had been a fantastic week, which no one wanted to see end. Thanks to the SWA and Club Vass it was a great value holiday, (definitely worth the dent in the overdraft), and I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying we would all hope to repeat it again in the not too distant future, BRING ON THE SUMMER VASS TRIP!!!



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