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The Creation According to the SWA

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth, the land and the water, the wind and the waves.

God populated the earth with animals of all shapes, sizes and colours, but none truly appreciated his work. He tried to shape their ways delivering 10 commandments for all to live by. He saw his work and was pleased, but something was missing…...

In the early 80s, with the help of divine intervention, a dedicated number of disciples invented windsurfing.

God saw that these disciples travelled the earth appreciating the wind and the waves that he had blessed them with, while others sheltered from the elements complaining of sand in their eyes. God liked the lengths these holy men took to show their appreciation of the world he had created for them. In return for their faith, he decided to bless these ocean-going demi gods with amazing talent on the water, stunning looks and killer dance moves.

For years God continued to test this group’s dedication with winds of great strength. He watched them stay strong and remain faithful whatever he threw at them. He decided to introduce a new law to his commandments.

The 11th commandment ………THOU SHALT WINDSURF!

The most devout of all holy disciples belonged to a group known as the Student Windsurf Association (SWA), who celebrate the elements at every available opportunity and give up all their worldly wealth in the name of fulfilling God’s 11th commandment.

In celebration of God’s great work the SWA members perform an annual pilgrimage to Bude, North Cornwall, where come rain or shine they will demonstrate their faith. This year’s pilgrimage will be taking place on the 19th-21st October.

As is customary for this event there will be a party of biblical proportions where attendees will demonstrate their god-given dance skills and celebrate their good looks.

This year’s Student Windsurfing Festival Aussie Kiss 11 will be bigger and better than ever before. The event will see a lineup of sponsors and prizes grander than the gifts given at Jesus’ birth by the wise men. With even more incredible support from the industry, providing a wealth of the latest demo gear for all to use. The SWA sees industry support unparalleled anywhere else in the windsurf industry. If you’ve never windsurfed before, tuition will be available helping you take your first steps on to a board. If you’re looking to improve your skills, master your carve gybes or nail your first forward loop, some of the worlds best windsurfers will be available to get you there. Building on the success of the festival style entertainment introduced last year, expect to see more bands, more stalls and more entertainment at the water’s edge.

Who knows someone may even try to part the waters!

It’s going to be an event of god-like proportions.

Keep watching for more information to come.

Tickets will go on sale early in October and are expected to sell out fast.

Join the SWA on Facebook to join the student windsurfing festival event!

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