The Student Windsurfing Association

For three years running Liverpool has held the infamous windsurfing event ‘Northern Monkey’ in the deep dark depths of the north and this year they did not disappoint!

Friday Night
Friday night kicked off in the uni bar, the Sphinx, with its famously cheap pints before congregating in Einstein’s. Here windsurfers grabbed some steins, caught up with old and new mates and danced the night away, moving on to see the wonders of concert square. This night also saw the Taffy Osborne winning event occur, where Kai Davies was accidentally run over by his Uber twice in the space of 5 minutes. (No Kais or Ubers were hurt in this accident).

Saturday day time
Saturday was absolutely howling with wind speeds in the early twenties and the gusts even higher. Our most skilled windsurfers braved the nuking conditions and they sent it! The freestyle and advanced racing were held and boy did they bring it! In the freestyle things started getting aerial with chop hops and attempted front loops. The advanced racing was a different story with some of our most weathered windsurfers stacking it at the gybe but enough pulled through to make an interesting final race with Liverpool’s Teifion Luckett taking the gold! Unfortunately, we had to call it a day soon after as the tide was creeping up on us and even the BBQ lunch couldn’t keep windsurfers warm. It was time to head back to the host houses for a pizza feast and some surprising pres.

Saturday night
The big bash started out with some killer house parties and the coveted return of the dioctabong. This legendary piece of drinking paraphernalia was originally created by Taffy and an ex Liverpool windsurfer and brought to life at a Pondlife event, so we only saw it fit to make its return at the 10th Northern Monkey! Once pres had come to an end and everyone had donned their video game, it was time to move on to Soho, where the first 50 received free drinks. We had a separate floor, where we could boogie the night away. The partying carried on into the night, Marios found their Princess Peaches as well as some . Shout out to the Edinburgh lads for their amazing arcade game cardboard get ups!

Sunday day time
Sunday proved to be a better day with sunshine and perfect conditions to blast up and down the west wall! The first beginner session was underway and it was great to see so many keen beans getting out on the famous West Kirby marina.

This was followed by team racing where Swansea, with the help of Bristol’s Luke Leckie, claimed first prize, Liverpool chasing their tail in second and Notts bringing up the rear. Next up were the intermediates with some fierce heats followed by the all determining final, seeing Bristol’s Chris Law taking top spot, closely followed by UWE’s Hettie Rogers and Liverpool’s Angud Jones in second and third respectively. After this, it was time to pack up and for awards with some pretty tasty prizes.


Team Racing

  1. Swansea
  2. Liverpool
  3. Nottingham


  1. Robbie Hobson (Sheffield)
  2. Luke Leckie (Bristol)
  3. Jake Roberts (Swansea)

Advanced Racing

  1. Teifion Luckett (Liverpool)
  2. Jake Roberts (Swansea)
  3. Luke Leckie (Bristol)

Intermediate Racing

  1. Christopher Outlaw (Bristol)
  2. Hettie Rogers (UWE)
  3. Angus Jones (Liverpool)


Unfortunately no beginner racing took place as the conditions were too strong for the heats to take place.

After a teary thank you from the Liverpool president, it was time to conclude a sick weekend at West Kirby and say our goodbyes until the next event.



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