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A new year, a new event. The weekend in Southampton saw some highs (for windsurfing) and some lows (if you’re an England or Wales rugby supporter). The new year ushered in a brand new event with Southampton triumphantly hosting the first ever Sot'on My Face core event.

170 keen windsurfs eager for a taste of something new made their way from the across the country to their home for the weekend in Southampton. With belongings stowed away in host house and predrinks begun it wasn’t long before we got a taste for what Southampton had to offer. On Friday night we headed out to SOBAR where the SWA’s favourite DJs, Leo Calnan and Hugo Taylor, provided the perfect tunes to get everyone in the mood for the weekend. Drinks flowed (especially as they were so cheap) and people danced the night away.

The next morning was accompanied with sore heads, people made it down to Netley Sailing Club in surprisingly punctual fashion. Safety briefing over, some brave beginners started heading out on to the water. With an ever growing gust, credit really needs to be given to them for getting out there. Freesailing occurred alongside with great conditions for intermediate windsurfers to get out and having some fun. Team racing was welcome entertainment to those on the shore and the results were as follows: first to Exeter, second to Southampton, third to Imperial and forth to Bristol. Southampton Committee also made sure there was something for those who didn’t feel like braving the water to do by ensuring the Six Nations was on throughout the afternoon. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Windsurf kit derigged and the rugby over, there was just enough time to go back to hosts houses to have a small predrinks and get into costumes for the Saturday night. With the theme of myths and legends, every area was covered mythical furniture to Shrek. Soon it was off to the Hobbit for pizza and brightly coloured cocktails before our final destination, the infamous Jesters. Here too drinks flowed, and I think all in agreement could say it’s one hell of a venue. You can see why it has such a cult following.

Sunday rolled around and to the advanced windsurfers glee, the wind had picked up further. This did mean that only advanced windsurfers could brave the water, however one of the lovely folks from Palm Culture, Toby Davis, made sure there was still things to do by holding clinics throughout the afternoon. Freestyle competitions also took place on the Sunday with Yakob from Exeter taking prime spot followed by FIVE members of Southampton’s own club. Clearly, they’re pretty good at it down there. The event wrapped up with individual racing. Yori (Southampton) took first, second went to Yakob (Exeter), third to Cam (Southampton), forth to Quinn (Southampton), fifth to CJ (Southampton) and sixth to Max (Bristol).

And with the end came to Southampton’s first event. We’d like to thank Southampton for their hard work in making this event run as smoothly as possible, it was a tremendous feat, and you did a cracking job. Another thanks must go to Palm Culture. They ran the races with extreme organisation and helped to ensure the event ran smoothly. Additional, thank you to Red Bull for coming out not only supplying us with caffeine but also tunes through the weekend with their truck. Also, to Boardwise, the continued support of you guys ensures there’s great kit for people to go out on and contributes highly to the success of windsurfing at our events. A final thanks must go to Netley Sailing Club, their safety cover was impeccable and left many in the SWA impressed at the organisation and commitment to keep windsurfers safe.



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