The Student Windsurfing Association

After exactly two years wave events were back with a splash as we descended on Swansea the past weekend. As a storm began to pick up across the country windsurfers made their way across the country to the Welsh coast.

Weary from the drive and belongings ceremoniously dumped at hosts’ houses the night could begin. Heading first to a rather swanky bar, Hayes and Beale, for registration and to get some relaxing pints and a good chin wag. We then walked over to Jack Murphy’s to make the most of the £1 Jager Bombs, and the most we did! Drinks flowed and dancing was done until the wee hours when we finally headed back to our hosts’ houses for some sleep.

After the night’s antics, the morning was not so welcome but alas it is inevitable. Soon bacon sandwiches and we were on our way­­ down to the coast for a rather blustery day. With strong winds, windsurfers appeared at­­­ Trecco Bay with one contingency heading to Rest Bay. Unfortunately, due to power boat issues, the day had a slow start thus while those keen enough rigged up others headed Greggs (another failure as they were closing early). After some time, a safety boat took to the water as did a number of the group. Over at Rest Bay, Southampton were having a whale of a time tackling strikingly good conditions.

Desperate to warm up we packed up and headed back to Swansea to unwind and eat before getting ready for the Saturday night. With the theme of the event being ‘The Next Wave of the Apocalypse’ a variety of themes were taken by clubs. We had everything from the more traditional alien and purge costumes to the rather rogue ones such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and yoghurt. Guy from Swansea hosted an entire SWA pres which was as chaotic as I’m sure you can imagine. We all then moved on to spoons for a couple of swift pints before taking over the entire top floor of Sin City.

The next day was a late start many in the SWA who evidently felt the effect of the night before. After clearing out of the hosts’ houses, everyone headed over to Rest Bay for the second day. Although a windsurfing event a good number took a surfing lesson from our very own president Jack Alston. Always good to try new things. A few did go out on the water with Southampton again leading the charge for wave sailing even taking their tandem board out!

All too early it was time to pack up and get gone. Although we weren’t able to have a formal comp due to the conditions our wonderful sponsors Palm Culture wanted to recognise those who had had a really good go at it. Southampton was named as the standout club particularly the effort and talent of Cam Barr who was exceptional in their windsurfing over the weekend. Note also goes to Corentin Jego, Quinn Squires and Oliver Hutchinson who all walked away with a prize and bragging rights.

Thank you so much to the Swansea Committee for organising the event and to our fantastic sponsors, Red Bull and Palm Culture. Without the help of you all we couldn’t have made the event happen. Now for a short break before Southampton in the new year!



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