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Following what sounded like an epic (read kit trashing) trip to ireland, the National Windsurf Week UKWA event in Bournemouth was distinctly average! The wind was light for the comp but it was awesome to have the whole team (well except for Nick who was obviously still mourning the loss of his kit...or working or something) down on the beach enjoying the sunshine and doing what we do best...light wind freestyle!

I made it to the second round and Joe and Seb made it to the final. Joe came second behind Adam 'Turfdog' Cropper, so i guess it was a pretty good show for the SWA.

Stef, Sarah, Myself headed back to to Christchurch with Joe for a BBQ and went down to check the harbour on the off chance. Lone behold it was windy so we left the girls (Sarah, Luce and Steve) to get the food on and the beer cooled whilst Canneloni and myself scrambled our kit together and hit the water for a sweet hour of 5.7 freestyle perfection. Joe landed a sick flaka which made the whole day of waiting for wind worthwhile!

A good bit of grub and a fair whack of cider was the perfect finish to the day.

This weekend most of the team will be up in Rhossy for round 2 of the 4 nations cup. I on the other hand will be in my room surrounded by books!

Good Luck everyone!




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