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Part 2 of the SWA's freestyle wildcard strike team to the EFPT Centaur king of the Wind

In this feature is an interview with Nicola Terenzi, the North Fanatic freestyle weapon who occasionally made an SWA appearance and dominated the freestyle scene when he did.


Nicola, I’ve seen you sail at Aussie Kiss and the SWA nationals, some say you are setting the bar for the student freestyle standard.  How do you feel about stepping up to the EFPT event, as you have competed in PWA events before, is this a comfortable level for you to compete at?

Hello! Actually I never competed in PWA events but I use to compete for the Italian championship and SWA events, this time since the EFT will takes part in Weymouth therefore near Southampton I take the occasion to try it.

I always wanted to try it especially because they make it in windy place, a competition with strong wind is awesome! I know I am not at the top level as I am not training for it, but I feel comfortable with my level..I do it for fun anyway !

Nicola, it’s good to see that you are representing on behalf of the SWA, do you find it difficult training whilst studying?  Have you missed out on many competitions or had to turn down trips abroad to train? 

Apart from the weather studying in Southampton is not so bad, it is often windy.

I am at 3rd year now and my course (Yacht & Power craft design) takes time away however  I am trying to manage doing windsurfing and studying , coming to the competition is not always easy but it worth when it is windy. Usually I try to do my best to not miss the great session and if I have to opt for a no wind competition or a good windsurf session I go for the second one, I just want to go in the water!

Unfortunately yes, I wanted to go to Brazil (Jeri) in November but I cannot because of University. I would like to train more but is hard to combine everything: windsurfing, surfing, studying, girlfriend, working...


Nicola, what conditions suit your style of sailing? Flat for sliding or rough for power moves?  Are you on the new Idols? What are they like to duck?

My best conditions for freestyle are around 30 kts with flat water between clean waves to jump!.I know is difficult to find this condition, in general I like rough for power moves!

I like very much wave as well.


Nicola, how does the UK freestyle scene compare to that of your homeplace?  We are obviously trying to make freestyle a larger windsurf presence, do you think we are succeeding at this task?

I think England is more windy than Italy, even if it is colder people here goes in the water, in Italy we are trying to do the same ; make more famous the windsurf freestyle and wave, I think it is growing now thanks to the web...In Uk there are actually much more windsurf events than Italy this is positive, I think you are doing a good job!

Nicola, we are trying to get the EFPT ladies competition off the ground here and set a standard for future events to follow.  Do you think the ladies freestyle competitions will ever see as many competitors as we get for the mens?

I think ladies competitions will never reach the same number of competitors as the mens, however they have to stay, there are many girls in the world doing windsurfing at high level, especially in the wave category. Is important to enable everyone to participate in order to spread one of the most amazing sport in the planet.


Nicola, have you been to the OTC in Weymouth before? What do you think of the location and do you think the UK spot is comparable to tat of the warmer medeteranian spots, from a full power freestyle point of view?  (Basically, ignoring heat/bikinis and considering the spot, wind, tide and facility/infrastructure)

I never been to Weymouth but I think this coast is very power full in terms of wind, the wide range of tide allows to create many lagoon around the coast, thing that in Italy does not happen. In my opinion apart from the weather here the wind is more frequent than Italy.


If you qualify for the Monday night bonfire tow-in, with another chance to win some cash, is this an aspect of your freestyle you feel confident about? 

Being a relatively new aspect on the freestyle scene, I doubt everyone has had the opportunity to try it yet.

The level is very high in this competition, actually I did not think about it yet.

I’ll see at the moment..


What are you most looking forward too about the event?

I am looking forward to compete with strong wind, pass some heats, to have some nice pictures and have a great time in the water with awesome guys! ..of course parties as well!

Finally, do you have any advice for any freestyle newbie’s, young guns thinking about stepping into the scene from T15, or developing freestylers who are thinking about competing?

My advice is : Do it as much you can until you can! 

Thank you Nicola!

If you would like some more info. about Centaur King of the Wind, have a look at this article!

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