The Student Windsurfing Association

Men's Advanced

Rank Name University
1st Ben Tweedle Warwick
2nd Cameron Barr Southampton
3rd  Tom Feeney Bristol
4th  Dylan Gardham Swansea
5th  Tom Stratton-Brown Cardiff
6th  Lucas Booth Southampton
7th  Kyle Williams Loughborough
8th  Tom Knight Southampton
9th  Charles Lycett Swansea 
10th  Jake Broadbent Exeter 
11th  Oliver Hutchinson Southampton Solent 
12th  Will Punter Bristol 
13th  Erik Sier Southampton
14th  Joe Brucciani Swansea 
15th  Nathan Little UWE 
16th  Ollie Owens Warwick 
17th  Tom Cooke-Priest Exeter 
18th  Jason Price Bristol 
19th  Harry Porteous Swansea 
20th Theo Hallett Loughborough
21st  Marcus Round Warwick
22nd  Hugh Preston Loughborough
23rd  Toby Heather Southampton
24th  Jacob Maschler Loughborough
25th  Ossian Bracegirdle Southampton
26th  Jules Gooding Swansea
27th  Andrew Storey Swansea
28th  Guy Rosenthal Swansea 
28th  Jakob Albers Swansea 
28th  Andrew Wilson Loughborough
28th  Jamie Allardice Exeter 

Women's Advanced

Rank Name University
1st Kate Hatcher Exeter
2nd Josie Spencer Southampton
3rd Jade Freeman Bristol
4th Zoe Beckly Bristol

Men's Intermediate

Rank Name University
1st Duncan Loader Birmingham
2nd Fin Atherton Southampton
3rd Benjamin Milne Bristol
4th Anastasios Pastras Bristol
5th Sam Hide Southampton
6th Will Meek Cardiff
7th Harris Goodman Warwick
8th Angus Jones Liverpool
9th Jack Davies Swansea
10th  Jack Dunne Liverpool
11th  Adam Mather Bristol
12th  Ben Collins Southampton
13th  Craig Stanton Liverpool
14th  Edward Hubbard Southampton
15th  Ignacio Vicente Southampton
15th  Oliver Kerslake Southampton

Women's Intermediate

Rank Name University
1st Joey Lim Bristol
2nd Reid Shrubsole Liverpool
3rd Freya Jones Liverpool
4th Amelia Dunn Bristol
5th Flo Edwards Swansea
6th Micol Giannelli Bristol
7th Kimberley Fowler Swansea
8th Holly McManus Liverpool
9th Maddy Archer Liverpool
10th Rachel Titcombe Southampton
11th Nina Harrison Southampton
12th Katrina Patterson Birmingham

Men's Beginner

Rank Name University
1st Ben Rutherford UWE
2nd  Freddie Bailey Cardiff
3rd  Aaron Scott Gwynne Liverpool
4th  Tom Kerry Cardiff
5th  Sion Bell Liverpool
6th  Joe Herbert Liverpool
7th  Zhengzhao Wan Cardiff
8th  Kieron Rushforth Liverpool
9th  Louis Michaelson Liverpool 
10th  Alireza Ramezanshahsavan Birmingham

Women's Beginner

Rank Name University
1st Lily Harrison Southampton
2nd G Rendell Southampton
3rd Ffion Morgan Warwick
4th Tyler Watson Loughborough
5th Sophia Weedon Bristol
6th Madeleine Holder Bristol
7th Emma Hendry Liverpool
8th Asha Eborn Bristol
9th Anna Ward Liverpool 
10th Anlore Steele Bristol
11th Ellie Walsh Bristol

Mixed Team

Rank Team
1st Swansea 1
2nd Southampton 1
3rd Bristol 3
4th Loughborough 1
5th Warwick 1
6th Swansea 1
7th Southampton 2
8th Bristol 1
9th Swansea 3
10th Liverpool 1
11th Southampton 3
12th Bristol 2
13th Southampton 4
14th Warwick 2
15th Southampton 5
16th Bristol 5
17th Bristol 4
18th Cardiff 1


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