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As all things must have a beginning and an end, COVID has seemingly come full circle with the triumphant return of Northern Monkey. Many a seasoned SWA attendee will recall that the last core event to take place before lockdown was Liverpool and fittingly they hosted our first core event back. I’m sure closure was felt by many as we returned to West Kirby.

Well it finally happened, after nineteen long months the SWA returned with its first unforgettable event. The weekend saw friends reunited after being apart for so long, new bonds formed, and our community coming together once more.

It started as always on the Friday night when clubs from across the country descended on the idyllic Cambridgeshire countryside, negative lateral flows in hand. To the joy of all who had attended AK 19, the only body of water in sight was that of the reservoir and no flooded car park or campsites were to be seen. Tents were swiftly erected, and everyone quickly settled into their home for the weekend.



Back in February a humble detachment of the SWA set out into the mists of Wales, in search of a monster. After three days' travel we found the shores of Bangor, where the local scholars welcomed us with shelter and respite from our journey. Their home was novel, to say the least. It stood alone on a sheltered beach, windows gazing out to the Menai Strait. We were cautioned of the perils of the water: Strong currents that would drag us away to be taken as hostage by sirens, or as food for a kraken. And so; it was with great care that we tiptoed with our belongings, along the narrow beach towards our accommodation.

For three years running Liverpool has held the infamous windsurfing event ‘Northern Monkey’ in the deep dark depths of the north and this year they did not disappoint!

Friday Night
Friday night kicked off in the uni bar, the Sphinx, with its famously cheap pints before congregating in Einstein’s. Here windsurfers grabbed some steins, caught up with old and new mates and danced the night away, moving on to see the wonders of concert square. This night also saw the Taffy Osborne winning event occur, where Kai Davies was accidentally run over by his Uber twice in the space of 5 minutes. (No Kais or Ubers were hurt in this accident).

’Twas windy, and the slithy toves
Did tack and carve-gybe in the waves:
All whimsy were the windsurfers,
And the Swankers outgrabe.

Beware the stopped taxi, my son!
The doors that swing, the drivers that catch!
Beware the cat litter, and shun
The frumious taser device.

He took his vorpal boom in hand;
Long time the Brummy foe he sought -
So rested he by James Arney
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The youth champion, with skin of green,
Came whiffling across the race course,
And burbled as it planed!


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