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A new year, a new event. The weekend in Southampton saw some highs (for windsurfing) and some lows (if you’re an England or Wales rugby supporter). The new year ushered in a brand new event with Southampton triumphantly hosting the first ever Sot'on My Face core event.

170 keen windsurfs eager for a taste of something new made their way from the across the country to their home for the weekend in Southampton. With belongings stowed away in host house and predrinks begun it wasn’t long before we got a taste for what Southampton had to offer. On Friday night we headed out to SOBAR where the SWA’s favourite DJs, Leo Calnan and Hugo Taylor, provided the perfect tunes to get everyone in the mood for the weekend. Drinks flowed (especially as they were so cheap) and people danced the night away.

Happy New Year Windsurfers! We've got some exciting events coming up for the remainder of the 2021/2022 season so book the time off work, get your assignments polished because you will not want to miss out.

Core Events

Event Dates Tickets Released
Sot'on my Face I 04/02 - 06/02 10/01
Notthingham Pondlife XIV 25/02 - 27/02 07/02
BUCS Nationals 2022: Bristol Lashionals I 18/03 - 20/03 TBC


As all things must have a beginning and an end, COVID has seemingly come full circle with the triumphant return of Northern Monkey. Many a seasoned SWA attendee will recall that the last core event to take place before lockdown was Liverpool and fittingly they hosted our first core event back. I’m sure closure was felt by many as we returned to West Kirby.

After exactly two years wave events were back with a splash as we descended on Swansea the past weekend. As a storm began to pick up across the country windsurfers made their way across the country to the Welsh coast.

Well it finally happened, after nineteen long months the SWA returned with its first unforgettable event. The weekend saw friends reunited after being apart for so long, new bonds formed, and our community coming together once more.

It started as always on the Friday night when clubs from across the country descended on the idyllic Cambridgeshire countryside, negative lateral flows in hand. To the joy of all who had attended AK 19, the only body of water in sight was that of the reservoir and no flooded car park or campsites were to be seen. Tents were swiftly erected, and everyone quickly settled into their home for the weekend.




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