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Hello, and welcome to the official SWA Event Debrief™  from our last event of the season: Baylord II Gratuitous Seaquels (BUCS Nationals)!

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Whether you missed out and couldn’t make it, or you did go and want to bask in the glow of good memories, read on to learn/recall how incredible the Baylord II event was… 

NATIONALS: A Descriptions, quotes, trashtalk and tips, article by Luke Storry and Sarah Jackson  

The SWA Nationals, often fondly referred to as "Lashionals", is a crazy weekend of indoor camping and partying with all of your best windsurfing friends. It is also windsurfing’s only BUCS competition, so there is also going to be some more-serious-than-usual racing.

There are a range of races for all abilities, as well as team-racing and freestyle. All of these categories come with a huge variety of prizes from our incredible sponsors, such as windsurf equipment, a massive selection of stash (including one of those fancy new dryrobes you’ve seen around, t-shirts, and the awesome SWA sunnies), a weekend of top-quality windsurf coaching and even a crate of beer!



An equal number of guy and girl entrants in a wave comp, the Queen beats a Mexican (in beer pong), and Sam Tyler forgets everything from Saturday night...

This is the PlymEx 2018 round up! And you definitely want to read on!

On a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning, the best of the best (in terms of self motivation at least) of the Student Wavesailing community descended on Gwithian car park. The meeting point was chosen, partly for the free parking, but mainly because it was a good spot for wave sailing.

Although initially the first call was made for 9.30am (to much disappointment from the group chat), only one of the students, fresher and competitive windsurfer Sarah Jackson, managed to get to the carpark with her big van of kit before 10. By the time the last of the Competitors showed up, it was the afternoon (although some argued 1pm is still morning) and we were finally ready to get underway.


After arriving in Bangor (the party capital of North Wales) on the Friday night, the keen windsurfers were assigned to each of their lovely host houses - all peachy and fresh from the drive up (which in fairness is a bit of a mission for most)! Here they proceeded to dump their stuff and get changed before being ferried to an exclusive #Windsurfing takeover in Feral Cat - one of Bangors best bars - to get a groove on to some premium tunes from the best selectors in North Wales.

Imperial College Windsurfing Club and the SWA are pleased to announce ... Soggy Cockney II: Return of Big Jon, on 16th-18th of February 2018! Soggy Cockney will provide a platform for windsurfers of all abilities to partake in windseshing!

Following the great success of Soggy Cockney: London’s Calling, Imperial College Windsurfing Club are holding yet another event, cramming SWA members into their London houses and windsurfing at Queen Mary Reservoir.


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